We strongly recommend that you do not download and use pirated copies from unofficial sites.

1) Unauthorized copies may contain viruses and trojans that can harm your computer and other software.

2) Each copy and each sample is marked with encrypted data of the client who bought the library.

3) Pirated copies contain incorrect samples and also do not convey the true sound of the “AC Guitar”

Whistler KONTAKT 

New whistle vsti library with realistic and rich sound. Useful legato feature.


  • Native Instruments full Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher (Not Kontakt PLAYER)
  • Windows or Mac OS 4GB

$139 $69




  • ​Legato feature
  • ​4 Round Robins per note
  • ​Realistic and Rich sound
$139 $69 ADD TO CART

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